15 Creative Ideas For The Best Engagement Announcement

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Just engaged? With engagement announcements happening in the digital age, a social post now takes some creative planning. If you’re looking for some Instagram-worthy inspiration for an impending proposal, here are 15 of the best creative engagement announcement ideas to inspire you.

Creative Ideas For The Best Engagement Announcement

These days, the desire to document every milestone has lead to bigger proposals with some even including secret videos and photographers on cue to capture the moment. If you’re planning on posting your engagement online, take inspiration from these great creative engagement announcement posts.

The Loved Up Engagement Announcement

You can never go wrong with a traditional, timeless engagement photo shoot. Family and friends everywhere will lap up the photos – just don’t forget to show off your new bling!

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The ‘No Paps, Please’ Engagement Announcement

If you’re looking for a sweet and simple way to announce your engagement, this classic pose is a wonderful option. If you’ve got portrait mode on your iPhone, then you’re pretty much sorted for a close up shot of your engagement ring and a romantic silhouette of you and your new fiancé.

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DIY Engagement Announcement

Not interested in taking the photo route? A DIY card is a great way to deliver the exciting news. Even better, the announcement cards can double as save the date cards. Who doesn’t love one extra box checked on the wedding to-do list?

Credit: Papier on Pinterest

An Engagement Announcement for Coffee Lovers

For coffee fiends, what better way to spread your happy news than to scribble your soon-to-be Mr and Mrs titles on the side of a coffee cup? Not only is the idea adorable, but the photo will be totally Instagram-worthy.

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The Beach Scene

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If you were lucky enough to have been asked on a beach, this idea is perfect for you. Whether you write your own special message in the sand or take a romantic water-front photo, there’s no going wrong with a beautiful beach engagement announcement.

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Take a Selfie

If you’ve got time between the proposal and the announcement, why not purchase one of these mugs? Show off your new rock with a post-engagement selfie. Who says the groom needs to be in the engagement photo, anyway?

Credit: Pinterest

Play on Words

What better way to share your news than to tie an actual knot? Your family and friends will love the funny reference and you’ll get points for creativity.

Credit: Pinterest

Say Goodbye to Single Life

Celebrate putting your single days behind you for good! Show off finding the one with a sweet photo that highlights your transition into married life. Fishing lines aren’t necessary, but we like the look.

Credit: Pinterest

An Adventurous Engagement Announcement

Do you and your future husband love an adventure? If so, this idea is great for you. Head out on an adventure together as an engaged couple and snap the perfect photo, whether that’s on a mountain or by a river.

Credit: Olivia Moon Photography on Pinterest

Precious Pets

Why not include your favourite furry friend in your engagement announcement? You’ll have family and friends swooning over your pet while they celebrate your big news.

Credit: Pinterest

Spell it Out: Scrabble Engagement Announcement

Put a unique spin on one of your classic childhood games with this clever idea. A close up shot of your new bling adds a bit of sparkle, and you’re sure to spread smiles.

Credit: Pinterest

For the Music Lovers

We can hear the not-so-distant chime of wedding bells. If you and your partner are music fans, a music-themed engagement announcement is only fitting. Turn up the love songs because this idea is picture perfect.

Credit: Pinterest

Creative and Celebratory

There’s no better way to celebrate your big news than by popping bottles. Now is the time for all the celebratory fizz. All it takes is a simple DIY craft and two glasses of bubbly to achieve this flawless engagement photo.

Credit: Pinterest

Pop Culture References

Pay homage to your favourite pop diva by rocking a top that says it all. Channel your Sasha Fierce and go full-Beyonce – you only get to do it once!

Credit: Pinterest

Jump for Joy

Your friends and family will be jumping for joy after they hear your big news. We’re sure your fiancé is overjoyed with your answer too – we love how fun this picture is, capturing the ring and the man of the moment in one.

Credit: Pinterest

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