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Bridesmaid Smart Guide

“Friends are God's way of taking care of us.”

Bride Speeches by Dan Stevens

The Bridesmaid title has been offered to you because you are very important to the Bride, keep this in mind as you dish out the cash for a Bridesmaid Gown, matching shoes, wedding gifts, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, travel expenses etc. One magazine reported that the average bridesmaid spends close to $900 per wedding. So now is a good time to remember that “Real” friends are there to support each other for these special occasions, and obviously you have been chosen to be a Bridesmaid because you are a “Real” friend. Nothing is more valuable in life than friends and family. So put on your happy face, Bridesmaid and be smart because there is a lot to do to help make this day, the Best Day EVER for the Bride and Groom.

Smart-Bridesmaid Responsibilities will include:

Bridesmaids should help the Bride as much as possible with the Wedding Planning. (Tell her about this site!)
• Buying a bridesmaid dress, (get it tailored if necessary) and accessories. Don’t let it show if you are not excited about the Dress- remember this is the Brides day to Shine.
• Bridesmaids should assist the maid-of-honor plan and throw the bridal shower.
• Attend all wedding-related events.
• Bring gifts to the above-mentioned events.
• Arrange your travel Plans –Coordinate with the other bridesmaids.
Bridesmaids should help get everything set-up. Run any last minute errands.
• Attend the rehearsal and pay attention. (There’s that pay word again, sorry Bridesmaid) If you are so inclined the Rehearsal Dinner is a great opportunity for a Bridesmaid toast.
• Bridesmaids should help the Bride get in her wedding gown.
Bridesmaids should be there for the entire picture taking process. This will mean some waiting around for your turn.
Bridesmaids should walk down the aisle at the right time and stand in the right place. And be sure to smile-everyone is looking at you.
• Bridesmaids should go to the reception with the rest of the bridal party and stand in the receiving line if asked to do so.
• Get your hair and nails done the day of the wedding as a bonding event with the other bridesmaids.
Bridesmaids may also be asked to sit at a head table with the rest of the wedding party.
• Bridesmaids should be sure to attend to the bride. Hang out with her and treat her like the center of attention (well, she is the center of attention). She'll probably be so busy talking to her guests that she won't have time to get her own food and drinks. Help her with her bustle and to take off her veil if she wants to. Hang out with her and treat her like the center of attention (well, she is the center of attention). Stay to the end and see the happy couple off.

Smart-Bridesmaid Tips

• If your bridesmaid dress needs alterations Shop around for someone less expensive than the bridal shop's seamstress.
• Persuade the Bride toward having the bridesmaids wear coordinating off-the-rack outfits from a chain store, outlet mall, or catalog, or let them choose plain black dresses (you may already own one).
• Need dyed-to-match shoes? Find out if that pale pair from your last bridesmaid's gig can be re-redyed, a possibility if you're going darker.
• Do your own hair and make-up.

Maid-of-Honor Speach Tips

  • Take a moment before starting your speech to look at the guests around the room with a smile, you’ll appear more confident.
  • Visualize a perfectly-given delivery followed by applause to set you at ease when you give the actual speech.
  • Read the The Maid of Honor Speech Package by Julie White.

Be grateful you get the opportunity to participate in what will probably be one of the biggest highlights of your friend's life. You'll always be one of those special people to her and she will really appreciate you being the Smart-Bridesmaid.


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