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The groomsmen should wear something that’s appropriate and respectful for the style of the wedding the couple has decided upon. It doesn’t have to be the traditional tuxedo; they could wear s kilt for a Scottish wedding, a linen suit on the beach, a crisp suit for a morning wedding.

Aside from the groom, the groomsmen or ”best man”, the ring bearer and the father of the bride are the main guys involved in the wedding ceremony. All of the groomsmen should evidently look their best and their attire very similar to those of the groom. We recommend the groomsmen get their suit fitting done along with the groom. The groom and the groomsmen should be wearing two different styles of garment so the star player (the groom) will stand out.

Groom Speeches by Dan Stevens

Ring bearer
The ring bearer should also be dressed very similarly to the groom. It’s actually really charming to see the ring bearer dressed exactly the same way as the groom when he or she is a child. On the other hand if the ring bearer is older, wearing the exact an identical suit might very well lose its effect.

Father of the bride
The father of the bride always plays a special role in wedding ceremonies. His little sweetheart is getting married and he’s also going to walk her down the isle. Because his role is perceived as being more a little more important, his attire should be different to everyone else’s. He should follow the same guidelines in terms of formality he should be wearing a totally different color or a distinct style of suit.

Father of the Bride Speeches by Dan Stevens

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