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Location is one of the biggest decisions to make when planning your Wedding. Be Wedding-Smart and take into consideration the travel expenses of your guests. This is a day to show to the World your love and devotion is real. Be sure surround yourself with family and friends, because their support of your Marriage will help it remain strong through the decades to come. The perfect location should be somewhere close to most of the friends and relatives. This may be a tough task to complete. I recommend that both you and your fiancé make a list of everyone that you feel is important to take be there on your special day. Group them by Area (be it City, County, State). Count each person and get a total by area. Count people who may have a hard time traveling such as an elderly grandparent as 2 people. The Area with the most people would be the smart place to start your search for Wedding and Receptions Sites.

If you really want to be a Shining Star at planning your wedding the next smart thing to do is research the travel Costs for those guests from out of town. They will really appreciate it if you let them know you have already shopped around for the best Airfare travel deals. As a smart Bride you could easily score a Hotel travel discount if you’re promising that a block of rooms will be booked. travel accommodations are usually at your guests’ expense, so send them a link to to start their search for some of the smartest deals in Airfare, Hotel Accommodations, and Rental Cars.

Smart travel Tips for Wedding Guests
• Ask the family of the Bride if there is a Recommended Hotel or if a Hotel is offering Special Rates for the Wedding Guests.

• Make Airline travel and Hotel Reservations online, to save money.

• Make your Reservations sooner rather than later.

• Research the City your will be visiting, you may want to add a few extra days to make it into a mini-vacation.

• If you live far away from the bride and groom and cannot attend all of the events leading up to the wedding call and let them know you’d love to be there but just can't be. Then send a nice gift to be opened at the shower, engagement party, etc. Or have fresh flowers delivered and include a mushy card about friendship.

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