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As the Groom you want to show up for this big day looking and feeling like a Star. The groom no longer has to look like a penguin, although if your wedding style is traditional then the black tuxedo is the way to go.

Color has integrated its way in to formal wear from pocket squares to ties, vests and shirts. Depending on the style of your wedding and the groom's style, the options available allow for great flexibility and personal expression.


Selecting the Tuxedo or Suit for You
You want to look dashing and debonair in your duds, not like a kid getting swallowed up in his dad's sportcoat. If you're a shorter guy, stick to single-breasted jackets – double-breasted jackets will give you that drowning-in-fabric look and make you appear smaller. If you're bigger around the middle, wear a lower-buttoning jacket rather than one with a higher placket. It will give you the long silhouette you're looking for.

After deciding the style for your tuxedo or suit the next most important thing is fit. Just as you want to be comfortable on you special day, the groom and ushers should be at ease while looking good.

Smart Tuxedo Fit Tips
• Your suit jacket should fit well and give you a full range of motion, both buttoned and unbuttoned. Remember that you will be dancing, hugging, and shaking hands. Make sure you are not constricted.
• You should be able to fit one finger between the collar of your shirt and your neck, but no more than that. The shirt cuffs should not ride up when you stretch your arms. If you are wearing a button-cuff shirt, the cuffs should break exactly at the wrist; if it's a French-cuff shirt, the cuffs should break about 1/2 inch further.
• Your vest should button comfortably and hit just below the waistband of your pants. If you are wearing a vest to a summer wedding, make sure it has a full back, so that you are still looking good when the jackets inevitably come off.
• Pants should break over the instep, about 1/3 of the way down the shoe.
• Make sure you get measured for your waist size, inseam (the length between the crotch of your pants and the bottom of the leg), and jacket size.
• Make sure that you are measured around the upper arms and thighs as well, especially if you are a beefy or muscular guy.

Staying Comfortable
While this is a formal occasion, you need not spend your honeymoon nursing the blisters from your shoes, or spend a July wedding sweltering under heavy wool. Make sure you can walk around in your shoes, and pick a fabric for your wedding suit that matches the season and the climate. If you're a guy who sweats easily, consider getting a second shirt to change into halfway through the day. That way, you'll stay looking crisp and cool

If you're wearing a tuxedo, you'll need a simple yet elegant patent leather shoe. Most men renting tuxedos rent shoes as well, but don't worry; rental tuxedo shoes have gotten far more comfortable and attractive over the years. For guys wearing a nice suit, don't be afraid to wear shoes you already own, as long as they match and are in good shape. Put in the time and effort to shine them to a rich polish, or get a professional shine to have them looking their best.

At least four months before the wedding visit a number of formal wear shops so you can try on the various styles of tuxedos and suits to determine what fits and looks best. After you decide which shop you'll deal with, set up an appointment for the other men in your wedding party (including fathers) to have their measurements noted. Ask about alterations, delivery and returns, deposit, and accessories. Find out if vests/cummerbunds, ties, cuff links and suspenders are included.



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