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Limos, sit-down dinners and bridesmaids in pastel: That big fat wedding does not come cheap. A new survey entitled "American Wedding Study 2006," conducted by The Conde Nast Bridal Group, reveals that the average amount spent on weddings has increased to $27,852, up nearly 100% since 1990 when the average cost was $15, 208.

There are many ways to save money on your Wedding Budget, you may be lucky enough to have a talented network of family and friends you can rely on that can sew a wedding gown, bake the wedding cake, and decorate the party space. But most of us are not that fortunate. Be a smart bride and understand that everything is negotiable and you never should pay more than you have to for anything! YOU'RE IN CHARGE because you're the one spending the money. We recommend reading and following the advice in “Fire Your Wedding Planner” by Stephi Stewart. She advises asking vendors if they’re flexible on prices and services.

Many brides have good luck on eBay. On a recent morning, $4,000 dresses were listed starting at $1. Register at eBay to get alerts when a dress or other wedding products that meet your needs is listed. And after the wedding you can recoup part of the cost by selling the dress.

Be smart and sit down and create a Wedding Budget with your fiancé , it is a good “training ground.” You may not have had any reasons to talk about money before, but now you have to manage money together for a lifetime.

Discuss what is most important: the perfect wedding gown? a reception everyone will remember? photographs or a video you will treasure through the years? or a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon? The number of guests to include is also an important consideration, as is deciding whether to take a smaller-and-more-elegant route or larger-and less-extravagant.

Make Priorities
Read through the following list and rank the items in order of importance to both of you (with 1 being most and 14 being least important):

____ Wedding Dress and Bridal Accessories
____ Flowers & Decorations
____ Catering
____ Wedding Cake and Favors
____ Beauty Services
____ Honeymoon
____ Invitations/Stationary
____ Rings
____ Music and Entertainment
____ Photography
____ Reception Site
____ Ceremony Site
____ Transportation
____ Videography

When you understand which elements will have the most lasting meaning for you, you can begin to set a realistic budget that accommodates your preferences.


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