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The Wedding Cake is traditional and no matter how small or informal the reception might be, it is a must!

Traditionally, the bride cuts the first piece of cake, with the groom's right hand over hers. Each feeds the other a piece of the cake. This sharing is symbolic of sharing together, from this day forth...

The traditional wedding cake is usually a white round or square tiered or stacked cake with very elaborate white icing. Wedding cakes can be decorated with pastel iced flowers, real flowers, and/or cake topper decorations.

As for today's wedding cake designs anything goes. Stacked cakes still seem to be the way to go but the designs are quite creative. You can have cakes that are shaped like stacked gifts, stacked hatboxes, stacked cupcakes - be creative! Basket weave cakes come in and out of style but it seems to be a wedding cake design staple. Pick your favorite flavor of Wedding Cake, carrot cake with cream cheese, pound cake with lemon filling, chocolate cake with mocha mousse, classic genoese with white chocolate icing, even cheesecake or ice cream.

The wedding cake should be displayed on a table by itself where it can be admired by all of the guests. You may decorate the table with flowers, arches, or even balloons. You can display your wedding cake with stands from single tiers to more elaborate 7 tier cake stands. Some brides choose to have the cake as the centerpiece for the buffet table, but I think that the cake should have its own table.

When you place your order and make your deposit (usually 50%), get a written agreement or contract that specifies the kind of cake, filling, and frosting, the number of people it will serve, the design details you have agreed upon, and the delivery date, time, and procedure. Also, put in writing any additional fees or rental charges, and ask how the final payment is to be made (cash, check, credit card).

Tips for Saving Money on your Wedding Cake

  • You may not need to order a whole slice per person, as they are usually priced per slice, especially if you are having another desert.
  • Negotiate, learn how to be nice but assertive. The online book Fire Your Wedding Planner” by Stephi Stewart is great at teaching these skills, if you are not a natural negotiator.
  • Cupcakes arranged on tiers and decorated can almost be as beautiful as a real wedding cake. At a much lower cost.
  • Search for a Wedding Cake Toppers on eBay. Most wedding items have only been used once, that seems wasteful to me.
  • If you know someone with a lot of baking and decorating experience, and you have feel confortable with them doing this big task great. Typically baking a Wedding Cake is better left to the Proffesionals.

The Wedding Cake is "the" showpiece of your reception second only to the bride.



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