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"Life is the flower for which love is the honey."--Victor Hugo

Wedding flowers are both a decoration and an unforgettable wedding tradition. Choose wedding flowers according to the season and your style. Using scented flowers in your bouquet will evoke memories of your wedding day whenever you smell them in the future. Popular fragrant flowers for bouquets are gardenias, freesia, stephanotis, bouvardia, and narcissus

SMART Wedding Flower Money Saving Tips

1. Location, Location, Location: Choose wedding ceremony and location settings that are already naturally beautiful with trees and planted flowers galore.

2. Garden Party: If you want your wedding decorations to be all about the flowers, why not make it a garden wedding at a local botanical, public or hotel garden?

3. Keep It Simple: Go for sophisticated, unique floral arrangements such as elegant calla lilies in a glass vases or bowls containing floating candles and gardenias. These arrangements are elegant, understated and relatively inexpensive. Consider using flowering plants like African violets or daffodils in terra cotta pots tied with a chartreuse ribbon.

4. Single And Loving It: Have each bridesmaid carry a single stem tied with a beautiful ribbon instead of a full bouquet. For your Wedding reception décor, fill a pitcher with daisies for a fresh, simple arrangement.

5. Champagne Wishes: Orchids and lily of the valley aren't the only beautiful buds on the vine for your wedding. Go to the flower market and see for yourself. There are other less expensive flower options: dahlias, zinnias, sunflowers, daisies and baby's breath to name a few.

6. Avoid The Holidays: wedding flower prices usually go way up around holidays like Christmas, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. Be sure to choose your wedding date with this in mind.

7. Buy In Bulk: Found a great price on a flat of tulips? Grab all you can and use them everywhere at your wedding! Garden rose bushes in flower boxes are also available to rent, and as a double treat, make a beautiful and substantial camouflage for the front of a stage or altar.

8. Recycle: Transfer the flowers from your wedding ceremony to your reception. Similarly, re-arrange the wedding flowers from your rehearsal dinner for your cocktail reception.

9. If you have a favorite flower that is costly or out of season, consider using silk for that one flower.

10.Wedding Flowers are always better priced when they are in season.

Flowers and Their Meanings

Flower Meaning Season
Acacia beauty in retirement All
Agapanthus secret love ( aka Lily of the Nile) Summer
Ambrosia "your love is returned" (aka Canyon Ragweed) Spring
Anemone sincerity; forsaken Spring (end of May)
Aster symbol of love Spring (May)
Azalea "take care of yourself" Spring Summer
Bluebell humility (aka Wild hyacinth) All
Cactus endurance Bloom in Spring
Caladium great joy and delight All
Camellia good luck gift for a man All
Chrysanthemum "you are a wonderful friend" Fall
Crocus gladness All
Carnations The flower of fascination- see colors below All
Daffodil respect and "the sun always shines when I am with you" Spring
Daisy loyal love and innocence Fall,Spring, Summer
Freesia trust Spring Summer
Forget-me-not true love and good memories Spring
Hyacinth "please forgive me" Spring
Honeysuckle happiness Fall Spring Summer
Hydrangea "thank you for understanding" Fall Summer
Iris wisdom, faith and hope Spring
Jonquil desire for affection returned All
Larkspur fickleness All
Lily of the Valley beauty, gaiety, coquetry Spring
Magnolia nobility Fall Spring Summer
Marigold grief Fall Spring Summer
Narcissus "stay as sweet as you are" Fall Spring Summer
Orchid thoughtful, maturity, charm Spring Summer
Petunia your presence soothes me" All
Primrose "I cannot be without you" All
Stephanotis bridal good-luck flower Summer
Sweet Pea "thanks for a lovely time" Summer
Sunflower pride, sunshine Fall Summer
Tulip perfect lover and luck Spring
Violet faithfulness, virtue Spring, Summer
Viscaria "dance with me" All
Wisteria welcome All
Roses The flower of love Fall Spring Summer
Red Roses love, passion Fall Spring Summer
Pink Roses happiness Fall Spring Summer
White Roses purity, innocence Fall Spring Summer
Yellow Roses
Fall Spring Summer
Pink Carnations "always on my mind" All
Red Carnations passion All
White Carnation sweet, lovely, good luck All
Striped Carnation refusal All
Ivy friendship, fidelity, and matrimony All
Orange Blossom the fusion of beauty, personality, and fertility Fall Spring Summer


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