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Most couples register for wedding gifts. Couples create their registry because they know that their guests will be buying wedding gifts, time and trouble is saved for the couple as well as the guests if a list is provided listing exactly what the couple wants. Does this mean you must select from this Registry List? Not necessarily. While it is nice to help the couple complete their flatware selection or informal place settings - unique wedding gifts will be just as welcomed as traditional wedding gifts.

Thousands of today's couples are now taking advantage of the ease and convenience of wedding gift registries that can be viewed online. With the convenience of shopping online, you can now purchase, gift wrap, enclose a personalized gift card and ship a gift to the couple without leaving your home or office.

If the couple is not registered and has not indicated something in particular that they want, you can feel free to get them just about anything for their new home and their new life together. Be something the couple can enjoy together.

A monetary gift is not only acceptable, but very much appreciated. Your relationship to the couple is, to a large degree, the determiner of the amount given. If you do give monetary gift, be sure to include it in a small envelope within a card. This will prevent check or bills flying loose. Avoid any explicit mention of what it is that you gave them, but perhaps note in the card that you hope that they can use the enclosed for something they that will enjoy.

While it may seem odd to show up at the wedding empty handed, you need not bring a gift to the wedding. You can send the gift to the address on the registry or the RSVP address on the wedding invitation. It is probably much easier for the couple if you have the gift delivered to them before or after the wedding, as they will already be busy dealing with countless other details on their wedding day. Which can lead to damaged or misplaced gifts. Remember, the last thing on the couple's mind on their wedding night will be gathering gifts.

If you do bring the gift to the wedding or reception, there will probably be a gift table upon which you should place the gift. The couple typically will not open gifts on their wedding day -- they simply don't have time -- so don't expect them to do so.

Custom dictates that you have up until one year after the wedding to send a wedding gift. Remember, it is not the dollar value of the gift that matters, but the thought. Etiquette says that it is a nice gesture to send a gift whether or not you plan on attending


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