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After months (and for some years) of planning, the Wedding Day will go by in a blur. You will want to get away, de-stress and most importantly enjoy your new spouse. Start planning now for a Smart Honeymoon Vacation, Try to have every detail planned out before you go. There are many places that claim to be “Paradise”. But your idea of paradise may be to save the money, stay home and not leave your room. After all it is your Honeymoon. If you do decide to venture out, being Honeymoon Smart means you will be prepared, a Honeymoon Vacation is something both of you will remember for a lifetime, so go the extra step to make sure those memories are amazing.

Honeymoon Vacation Travel Tips

• First and Most Important, discuss your honeymoon vacation ideas with your fiancé. Talk about your budget, where you want to go and how you can work out accommodating both budget and ideal location.

• Ask Hotels about honeymoon vacation package deals. They often include complimentary upgraded accommodations, champagne, special check in / check out privileges and more.

• Carry names, addresses and phone numbers of friends/family at home for an emergency and leave them a copy of your itinerary.

• Make copies of your marriage license. If you are a woman who has changed your name and this change is not reflected on your legal documents (i.e. driver's license, passport, airline tickets, etc), travel under your maiden name. Keep a copy of your marriage license to prove you're married, but as far as reservations, travel under your maiden name until ALL documents reflect your new married name. With heightened travel security nation and worldwide, agents are cracking down harder than ever on names that do not match travel documents and reservations and no exceptions will be made.

• For any vacation mark your luggage with a distinguishing ribbon or tag. 90% of all bags are now black. Tie on a colored ribbon or wrap a special colored luggage wrap around your bags to set you apart.

• Start packing 1-week prior. Take the time to make sure that everything will fit and what you need to adjust in your packing. Don't wait until your wedding night before you leave on your honeymoon, when you're exhausted. Arrange for someone to pick up your wedding clothes at your hotel so you can just leave for your honeymoon vacation.

• Pack along romantic extras: if your room has a CD player, bring along your favorite CD's; bring massage oils, favorite lotions, travel candles (yes they even make these now) special lingerie and a little surprise for your spouse to leave on his/her pillow on your first night. Be creative and have fun, this is your Honeymoon!

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