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Music plays an integral part of setting the atmosphere for your special day. The entertainment you select will be a major factor in creating the mood. Once you have decided on the style of your wedding start thinking of what music best compliments your choices. Pick a Wedding DJ who is willing to sit down and spend plenty of time with you in person before your wedding to discuss specifics such as musical styles, music for your first dance, specific family situations, etc. You will also want to talk about any financial and contractual obligations. Communicate your desires clearly and ask questions. Make sure your entertainment professional understands your wishes.

5 Smart Tips to Save Money on your Wedding Music

  1. Get married in the morning, on a Sunday or in the off-season. Most vendors will give you a discount.
  2. Check out local universities for qualified and inexpensive musicians. Music professors will be able to point you to the best students in the program.
  3. Play a pre-recorded tape at the ceremony instead of bringing in live musicians.
  4. Hire a DJ instead of a band for your reception.
  5. If you really want live musicians, limit the number. Instead of hiring six musicians, hire three.
  6. Find Wedding Smart approved DJ or Musician in your Region in our Local Vendor Directory.
Think of music as the soundtrack to your wedding. From the prelude at the ceremony to the final note at the reception.


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