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Choose a smart place and time for your wedding reception, the most common type of wedding reception is the dinner wedding reception, but if you want to save some money because the catering costs is biggest wedding cost, you may want to consider other options. Like a Breakfast or Brunch Wedding Reception that would usually take place at 10 or 11am and consist of fruit, bread and other breakfast foods, this is inexpensive and you could leave for you honeymoon the same day. A lunchtime wedding reception would still save you money while allowing for driving and getting ready time. A Tea Wedding Reception is usually held between 2pm and 5pm consisting of finger foods, nuts, chocolate, and cake. This is great if you have a large guest list and a small budget. A Cocktail Party wedding reception consists of hot and cold appetizers passed around or on buffet tables and of course cocktails usually between 4pm and 7pm.

10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception

  1. Instead of a traditional banquet hall, consider a community center or church hall for your reception.

  2. Get married in the morning, on a Friday or Sunday and/or in the winter months. You will save a considerable amount of money on the wedding, the reception as well as transportation costs.

  3. Have a cash bar instead of an open bar at your wedding reception.

  4. Instead of dinner, have a cocktail or dessert reception.

  5. Keep the guest list small. The less mouths you have to feed, the cheaper your wedding reception will be.

  6. Buy your own alcohol, if they allow it at your wedding reception site.

  7. Limit hor d’oeuvres. Consider three or four food stations, instead of eight or nine butler-passed hor d’oeuvres at your wedding reception.

  8. Don’t drive up catering costs by having seafood and beef tenderloin entrées. If you must have these selections, serve them for an appetizer at your wedding reception.

  9. Ask your reception site about guaranteed numbers. You might still have to pay for 150 guests even though 120 showed up.

  10. Reserve your banquet hall early so they put a cap on the price per person.


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