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It is becoming more and more common for brides to pick out – or at least have input in – their own engagement rings. There are sites like where you can design your own virtual rings. With a click of a button you can visual just how the 2-carot solitaire might change if you added side diamonds, or tiny sapphires. A smart bride knows how to get what she wants, picking out your own Wedding Ring may not be as romantic but expressing your opinion is smart. The surprise element has given way to engagements being joint decisions based on practicality and reality. With the average cost of a diamond engagement ring running into the thousands, it’s not a purchase to take lightly. The average cost of an engagement ring nationally is about $3,500. With custom designed rings accounting for up to 40% of all rings.

If you prefer on surprising your fiancé, it would be smart to pick a simple solitaire engagement ring for the proposal that can be brought back and exchanged at a later date. Your Wedding Ring will be something you will wear theoretically for the rest of your life; it should be something you love.

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Wedding Ring Terms you Should Know

• Baguette- a rectangular-shaped small diamond that is often used to enhance the setting of a larger stone.

• Bezel Setting- when a diamond is completely surrounded by a precious metal border that resembles a frame.

• Channel Setting- Mounted rows of small, uniformly sized stones, this uses two strips of metal to hold the stones at the sides.

• Fancy cut- a diamond cut in any shape other than round. Fancy cuts include such shapes as baguette, emerald, pear, princess, oval and marquis.

• Pave setting- a setting technique for small diamonds in which the stones are set so closely together that no metal shows.

• Solitaire – the mounting of a single gemstone.

• Tiffany setting – A four- or 6- pronged setting using long slender prongs to hold the stone.

Good luck finding the right Wedding Band or Ring.

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