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Dress up your feet with elegant wedding shoes. Follow these Smart tips on choosing and/or dying your wedding shoe.

Smart Wedding Shoe Tips
Many white bridal gowns are actually a diamond white -- a slightly less bright shade that will clash with pure white shoes. Should your shoes prove too bright for your gown they will need a "bridal wash" that will tone them down to match your gown!

For the most comfort on your special day, order the size, width and heel height that you normally wear in a dress pump. If you fall between two sizes, it's best to order the larger size.

Coordinate your wedding shoe fabric with your dress material. You'll want to match your shoes to the fabric at the hem of your gown, rather than the bodice. Boca is a shimmering fabric, without the heavy shine of satin or the flatness of crepe. We recommend Boca for gowns made of organza, chiffon, silk, tulle, lace, everything, in fact, except Satin. For Satin gowns you will need Satin wedding shoes.

It's not necessary for all the bridesmaids to wear matching wedding shoes and often not practical. The girls should wear whatever footwear they prefer. The important thing is that all their shoes be dyed at the same time, from the same dye batch. Also, all the toe characters should be the same (open or closed), since that's what will show in your photos!

Wedding shoes can be re-dyed to black. A drastic change, such as from ivory to navy, can sometimes be done; but for a perfect color match, you need to start off with a white shoe.

Custom dyed shoes will run when wet. Your dye specialist can "seal" the color of your shoe, but it cannot be re-dyed black afterwards. A good rainy day option is to change into your dyed shoes at the wedding.


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