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When deciding what type of wedding transportation to use for you special day you will want to factor in whom you want to transport, what your wedding style is, and how much you want to spend. Begin your search at least 6 months prior to your wedding, as an early booking can save you money and ensure you get what you want.

Smart Tips to Save Money on Wedding Transportation

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  • A chauffeured town car is frequently less expensive than a chauffeured limousine, and will seat between three and six people.
  • Have people drive themselves part of the way with limo transportation for the rest of the way.
  • If possible don’t get married during prom season (March - June), demand for limousines exceeds the supply. This shortage causes an increase in prices and hourly minimums. If you are planning a Spring Wedding plan on making transportation reservations 1 year in advance.
  • Save money by hiring a single limo to come pick you and your bridal party up and deliver you to the ceremony location early so the girls will have time together to relax and prepare. Then have the driver go back and get the groom and his groomsman and bring them to the ceremony. This should satisfy the 2-hour minimum most limo companies require. For the ride home, have everyone besides you and your spouse plan on getting a ride home on their own and just hire one limo again for two hours to pick you up and take you home or to your hotel.
  • Ask the bridal party to drive themselves.
  • Come up with a fun and creative transportation idea that fits your wedding style. (See below)

Creative Ideas for Memorable Wedding Transportation

You don't have to spend the most money to make it the most memorable or the most exceptional. Have fun and be creative! Match your transportation to your wedding style:

Traditional - Limo- Usually white or black. Some companies also have gray or navy. A new twist on the traditional is the SUV limo that will carry an even larger party.

Very formal - Rent a Rolls Royce Bentley or Grey Ghost. Most limousine companies that specialize in weddings will have a classic car available.

Retro- If you're having a retro wedding, or love a particular decade, why not rent or borrow a car appropriate to that era - such as a '63 Cadillac convertible or a Ford Mustang

Slick- what about a fun sports car? There are companies that specialize in renting Lamborghini and other expensive speedsters.

Princess- Consider a horse drawn carriage. Take the time to check out the carriage to ensure it lives up to your expectations.

Wild- What about leaving your reception on two matching motorcycles? Or perhaps a motorcycle and a sidecar? Make sure the bride’s outfit is suitable for such a ride, and that you have the necessary permits.

Other fun options to consider: a hot air balloon, a tandem bicycle, cross-country skis, a snowmobile, a boat, a fire engine, a hayride or even a helicopter.

Smart Tips for Smooth Wedding Transportation

  • Before you sign the contract be sure to ask the following questins: How old are the limousines? What will the chauffeur wear? Is it cheaper to get a package deal? What happens if we need to cancel? Are there any extras included in the price, such as a bottle of champagne, decorations, sunroof, etc.? Is gratuity included in the price?
  • Make a flow chart of some kind to make sure that no one will be stranded without a ride.
  • Make sure you have adequate copies of contact information and maps to give everyone so that no one ends up lost.
  • Call the limo or transportation companies the day before and confirm all pickup times with them.

Whatever you decide to do, it will be perfect for you and your wedding! You don't have to spend the most money to make it the most memorable or the most exceptional.
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